[Image description: A headshot of Erika Hille is in a square format. She is a youthful caucasian woman with long dark brown hair with a smile on her face. She is wearing silver hoop earrings, has a discreet nose stud and is wear a blue blouse.]
Hello there! 

My experience as a lead graphic designer in the television and film industry, coupled with my work in various in-house marketing teams, has given me a unique perspective and a solid understanding of visual communication, branding, and project management. Within a in-house marketing team, it requires an in-depth understanding of a brand and challenges a designer to evolve in alignment with a strategic plan while still creating engaging visuals that supports the vision and/or objective. While working with the film industry, the designer is supporting the storytelling and vision of the Production Designer and stakeholders. 
I possess a collaborative style that adapts well to the creative brief, iteration, and working cross-functionally with teams. I enjoy connecting with both the creative and strategic sides of a team to see the bigger picture.
If there's anything specific you are searching for in my work that I haven't mentioned, please don't hesitate to contact me. I likely have it in my back pocket. 
I am currently based in Ottawa, Canada, with my beloved pup, Mallory. 
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